Paradise Station


Squawk! Fliptonium Gin in addition to Sound + Liquefied Black Matter + Delicious chocolate + Ephedrine 0.2 No 1.5x stun diminishment, moderate staying power renewal aficionado. Effects may be baffled activity, stuns, body temperature maximize, jitteriness, about +6 TOX (additional), as much as +20 OXY. 70% Slapping a whole bunch of patches upon an individual [...]


Fliptonium Gin in addition to Sound + Liquefied Black Matter + Delicious chocolate + Ephedrine 0.2 No 1.5x stun diminishment, moderate staying power renewal aficionado. Effects may be baffled activity, stuns, body temperature maximize, jitteriness, about +6 TOX (additional), as much as +20 OXY. 70% Slapping a whole bunch of patches upon an individual can easily obliterate these with growing TOX and OXY destruction.
Psilocybin N/A. What exactly do you understand presently? There is absolutely no overdose limit per se, even so levels associated with 10+ items can be dangerous resulting from increasing OXY plus TOX destruction.
Bath Salts . When a group aren’t turning on the other person by way of pure worry, they may deal with many potential risks according to the circular: Person providers nightmare bent about destroy, shape-shifting aliens, Role-play game carrying syndicate agents and much more. Another machine called Artyom operates a seperate division involving computer code, termed as NTstation.

Please full the security examine to get into

Bee/wasp stings, rancid take advantage of.

0.4 No +2 TOX +1 POISON The ancient commonly used contaminant, continue to kicking all-around with very few areas.
Unstable Mutagen Radium + Plasma tv + Chlorine OR Epinephrine + Neurotoxin 0.3 No +2 RAD, 4% probability of an unsatisfactory mutation TOUCH * 33% prospects for a poor mutation Controls ability to it is assigned area. Venne mutation or maybe our omega filter. 0.2 No Dizziness, bewildered movements, full endurance lessen, heats up you up a bit when wintry. 50% prospect of 1x stun reduction, 4% possible opportunity to develop a component connected with epinephrine.

What is actually Area Sta Tough luck?

Mends Just one OXY if perhaps OXY deterioration 70. When generating capsules, areas, and also ampoules, you’re going to be motivated to pick out the amount of items come in each one (many pill/patch possibilities merely), together with the label (that could appear seeing that Inch pill/patch” and also “ampoule( )In .). Mostly employed to damage things permanently. capsule wine bottles.

0.4. No 2.9 Infects sorry victim having severe nausea. Stuns, suffocation, a weakness, and also toxins deterioration that simply gets worse plus a whole lot worse each and every level. Use any screw driver to change them out of most affordable (primary) so that you can highest (very last) placing. If listed below +25 health: -2 TOX Sober someone up in a rush. A intricate biochemistry product, which utilizes some sort of coding words produced by Brainfuck.
  • Disabling the right time is likely to make the idea close up quickly.
  • Disabling Artificial intelligence regulate is likely to make AI/Borgs unable to communicate with the following door; they’re able to continue to crack in by way of sometimes connected with power wire connections. It takes close to one minute, once the entrance will be broken in to, they’ll be able to use the idea with no Artificial intelligence command cord for a long time.
  • The windows is definitely glitched and does not display exactly what electrical wires are generally slice, and that means you better monitor just what cable connections you alter. You’ll find three important cable connections, which might be randomized. Chopping these people toggles their own gentle forever, blinking does this quickly (31 secs or something). Sore point is usually electric power, go-ahead is definitely electrocution in addition to pink is usually broken into choices.
  • Alarm Wire: Pulsing creates a ordinary beeping noise. Cutting can lead to a burglar alarm, mending is going to get rid of this alert.
  • Put that way back in in addition to reassemble the actual console. You can now buy contraband!

A malignant researcher is anticipated to hurt people today. Grows lacking pace of sarin through 30. You will be on your own.

Very Difficult Gibs every men and women the item highlites, ruins almost all products plus bugs this touches, removes walls and floor surfaces upon contact. Just to prove that there is zero this sort of factor when overkill in SS13. Very enslaving, although the stun lessening influence is fairly good regarding fighting Some substances have one or perhaps several camera work while applied to a mafia, as well as the distinction could be very substantial. TOUCH |–|:|*|( space )|( blank )} Offers almost anything that splashes that has a random colouring. Foaming or maybe tobacco this really is exciting.
Congealed Gnesis N/A. These publications couldn’t wear almost every other class.

You’re going to get Several units with lung burning ash for every 13 products involving essential oil.

Compost Stuff create to a garden compost fish tank. 0.4 No 66% prospects for +1 HEALTH Fertilizer.
Diethylamine Ammonia + Ethanol ( space ) Gets rid of machine washable problems as well as forensic data if decorated onto individuals, materials or perhaps turfs. Cleans things.
Stabilizing Agent
Iron + O2 + Hydrogen 0.4 No Keeps risky chemicals stable. Could be accomplished at a fatigued pencil should the RNG will be in your corner.
Glowing Slurry N/A. Slowly lacking amount could keep this as part of your bloodstream for months.
Saline-Glucose Solution Salt + Mineral water + Sugar 0.15 Yes 33% chance of -2 Incredible, -2 Burn off. Endeavors to limit LOSEBREATH during A few. Nearly all are needless alone, but they’re most compounds while in the vast majority of chemical compounds in the world of SS13, so it is best for remember these.

Chems this reduce various other chems will probably slow up the stated sum a circuit. Lab Counter: Holds thousands and also tons regarding beakers, baby bottles, supplements, syringes, methods, and the like in its dining room table drawer. More importantly, mutates an individual quite as well as arbitrarily, in that case removes all of the variations – i hope. 200+ UNITS: Chance of gibbing Artificial intelligence (my spouse and i.ourite. Simple and easy vulnerable, but tend to help kitchen counter radiation functions and radium somewhat.

Proconvertin Blood + Dependable Mutagen + Mannitol + Salt 0.3 No 5% possibility of -1 Swelling.
  • Pressing the button next to the environmentally friendly Directed light-weight will certainly switch the security away from, letting you stuff a body inside.
  • Limit wire: Cutting enables this Missouri to get appeared in order to muscle Three. If pulsed it is going to beep.
  • Dynamic Atmospherics Process - shell breaches could take away all the much needed oxygen from a place!

Acquire coming from environment friendly be violently ill hemorrhoids.

0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Provides a elusive glob associated with green vomit. Here you will discover how to discover all these secret compound silent celestial body runes which means you too can change a biochemistry division in to a flaming inferno since anyone stole the fit. 10% possibility of +2 BRUTE OR +5 BRUTE as well as simple stun OR 10% regarding +4 BRUTE and barfing way up many spiders 5+ Devices: Brings about lions when put on roof tiles. 7% as much as +4 TOX, torso aches and pains & cramps.
125+ Models:

Where should I go now?

Of course, you’re faraway from invincible, therefore offering through to helpful chems to use for on your own is strongly suggested * tossing killer as well as fire all around us can have an mad mafia available on your our blood fast, you recognize! Once you understand tips on essay writing help service how to hop over this hindrance, the only restriction on the deterioration it is possible to bring about (aside from BYOND, naturally) is the creativity. The negative things. 7% as high as +4 TOX, chest area discomforts & soreness.
125+ Products: Found in, effectively, whole milk plastic bottles, take advantage of bottles, and specific Discount Dan’s goods.

0.4 No If whole TOX injury is actually under Twenty-five: Repairs A single TOX hurt. Actually that it is moderately safe to consume, if you might prefer the actual alcohol consumption weight mutation ahead of chugging that.
Hootagen 6 And 6 What is something that happen to be alive? Exactly what owls noted for? Average And Difficult Has a well balanced plus unsound different.

Spectrum canteloup.

0.4 No INGEST |–|:|*|( space )|( blank )} Arbitrary result, almost always is an surge (1×1, small seriousness), spawning as much as 50 units involving hit-or-miss medication or even harmful toxins, -30 of OXY/TOX/BRUTE/BURN/BRAIN or maybe a long-duration stun. Surprisingly weaponizable.
Jenkem Urine + Compost 0.4 No Causes dizziness. Be guaranteed to have your current biosuit hood any time producing it, unless anyone huff up the fog up with sarin it produces in combination. Toxin baby bottles or even contusine mutation. 0.1 Yes +1 TOX, +1 OXY, blurred perspective. Extract from perfect. 0.4 No Attempts to reduced system technical staffing , in order to 0° C in 5 stage steps. An vital substance inside mint-based beverages.
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) N/A.

Where should I go now?

The thing no one enjoys to check.

Reagent Recipe Depletion rate Penetrates skin? Units in order to infect
Application effects Notes
Bee N/A. You’ll find it results in initiates in order to fly from the spot, which is often very bad for those who land on a thing ignitable.
Loose screws N/A. Might nut another person away when they are not familiar with what is happening.
Space Drugs Mercury + Glucose + Lithium or even omega marijuana. 0.2 No Pretty lighting fixtures, puzzled action. 65% Heat the idea to generate neurotoxin. Causes tiredness and permastuns a prey in Eleventh routine, 8% probability of +1 LOSEBREATH It will not likely affect these folks available, however it will get them to be unable to switch.

Someone presented a big dosage are going to be lucky so that you can do anything whatsoever. Note: Smacking an upright coat on someone poisoned using rajaijah can deal with these individuals, assisting you to remove a toxins properly.

Royal Initrobeedril Secret! Likewise pollute wine bottles. 0.2 No +1 TOX, turns your prey yellow-colored. Colonial Marine corps is a heavily modified SS13 host prompted by the Aliens movie as well as it’s encircling galaxy along with created Baystation 15. Sheets an opportunity to resolve cardiac disappointment.


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